On March 4th as North America looked at European countries and the increased cases of Covid-19, the Nova Scotia government made the decision to cancel all school organized student trips. In hindsight, it was the most sensible thing to do, however it left many parents scrambling to try to plan for a family March Break vacation.

Very good clients of mine had reached out to discuss their options for an adult only vacation but were waiting as long as possible to book because their daughter was scheduled for one of the school organized trips and based on what was going on in the European countries, they didn't want to book until they were certain that the trip was proceeding.  On March 6th we began to discuss the option of a family vacation as the daughter's trip to Europe was now cancelled.  After a short discussion, a resort in Mexico was chosen, the package was booked and the clients were ready for vacation.  We did have a discussion about insurance and his famous last words were "I don't need insurance. I'm not worried about cancelling - we will be on that plane regardless".  Queue up Prime Minister Trudeau on March 13th, 2020 advising all Canadians to get home as soon as possible before borders began closing.

Now my client was panicked!  He had just paid for a vacation that he was not going to be able to use. (not to mention still out the funds from his daughter's cancelled school trip!) and he had DECLINED insurance.  We discussed various possibilities, including changing dates to later in the year (we all know how that turned out).  At that time, future travel credits were only being issued if packages were booked between certain dates or if they were more than 14 days out - all sorts of restrictions that eliminated his chances of getting any sort of credit.  Phone lines to suppliers were jammed and call times were crazy!  So bad in fact, fellow travel agents would send out FaceBook messages when they had a customer service agent on the line to see if any other agents needed help - we are a big community who were doing what we could to help our clients.  But my client was scheduled to depart in 72 hours and I couldn't sit on hold until departure time!  During my time as a travel agent, I have built relationships with many suppliers - and this one was no exception.  I reached out via email to our BDM and the Vice-President explaining the situation.  A short time later the VP called me on my cell phone.  After giving me a lecture on why clients require insurance, he was willing to allow the client to purchase his supplier insurance that day - and then would issue Future Travel Credits based on my client's inability to travel.  A short time later, I received a follow up call from a customer service rep who processed the insurance policy and issued future travel credits.

My client was over the moon happy!  He texted me over and over how grateful he was and appreciated the extra effort.  I thanked him for his business and said all I asked in return was that his friends and family knew that he was happy with my service.   To my surprise he posted the following testimonial on both his personal and business pages - and advised me that he will be a client for life!  

So who has the BEST travel agent in the world........this guy.!!!!!!!

I purchased a trip for 4 to Mexico on March the 7 leaving March 16, and opted to not purchase the cancellation insurance. I have never bought the cancellation insurance. So I was out $6000. Well my best ever travel agent Michele Davidson from VacationMD - Michele Davidson convinced Sunwing to let me purchase the travel insurance today, and then cancelled my trip so I could get refunded. Had to take it in form of a voucher. I will take that. It’s better than $0! 
If anyone needs an agent I strongly suggest Michele from VacationMD - Michele Davidson

Happiness is felt when someone is grateful for what you have done for them!